Therma cup co is a small business that produces ceramic insulated reusable coffee cups. The design comes from a desire to find a good quality reusable cup which suits the needs by of keeping coffee warm and tasting as good as it was made. Made in small qaunitys in the home of British ceramics of Stoke on Trent.

Reuable coffee cup ceramic insulated thermacup

The Story Behind The Therma Cup

I am a little bit of a coffee snob and normally get my fix from an independent coffee shop. For me taste is important, I am not a fan of the taste of a plastic or metal cups. I need an insulated cup, I need to keep coffee warm, not only at work but for the short walk from the coffee shop to my desk to ensure that my coffee remains at a perfect temperature.

I normally treat myself to a takeaway from one of my favourite coffeeshops either by the train station in the morning on the way to work, or later for an afternoon pick me up. Both from an eco-friendly perspective and because I am not a fan of drinking from take away cups, I need a reusable cup that is of a suitable size for a cup of speciality coffee, 8oz (230ml) for a latte.

I could not find a cup that suited my needs, so because I am a product designer I designed and manufactured my own, easier said than done. By 2017 I had put the Therma cup into production thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and sold the cups under my own name. In 2018 I set up Therma Cup co and have introduced the Therma Cup to the coffee loving people at the London Coffee Festival, Manchester Coffee Festival (Cup North) and the Amsterdam coffee festival. Therma Cup is now available primarily from this website in four different colours and a choice of six different colour lids.